We plan the party.

Years ago, that hashtag began as a tagline to showcase our collective work. Now it’s a daily reminder of our story and how we got here.


From 2010–2016, Noelle grew the events team at Groupon to meet the high-growth needs of the business.  As she hired event planners for her team, what ended up forming was a family.  Something very special grew between the team, which eventually became 8 innovators strong. Beyond the awesome work, we genuinely loved to be around each other, and the lines blurred between work and life. Years (and jobs) later, we’ve decided to rejoin our talents to launch Ladidadi XM—Chicago’s first experiential marketing & events collective—bringing together unrivaled events from coast to coast.

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SAM | Copywriter

Sam’s been writing copy for close to 10 years, and if you ask him, he couldn’t tell you why people still hire him to do it. Over the years he’s worked as a technical writer, script writer, ad writer, UX writer, and general creative strategist. When he’s not trying to persuade clients to see the fun side of their brand, he’s usually trying to fix a really old stereo, or whatever new hobby he probably has now.